• Increase Online Sales thanks to Smart Tutorials Videos

  • Studied video format for your users' behavior!

    Attract them !


    An animated preview of the result is automatically launched.

    It allows online visitors to know if the video will be of interest to him.

    Guide-them !


    The short format is suitable for our web attention span, and our needs to have immediate answers!

    Advise-them !


    Thanks to your shoppable video, he can access the pre-filled e-shopping cart and buy all equipment that was used for the tutorial.

    Innovate !



    When the customer buys the new products, he or she will come back to watch the demonstrator to be guide through an innovative comfort: Voice control. This allows hands when we catch, say "Next Step", "replay the video" etc.


    Understand-them !


    Algorithms and smart tools allow you to follow and understand the users’ behavior and purchasing process.

  • Watching a demo


    English Subtitles !

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