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How To videos for 4th July

· Holiday,independance day,United States

Light up your Fourth of July with some easy and fun do it yourself activities. With these spectacular decorations, delicious treats, and stylish wear, fireworks won’t be the only thing that sparkle this holiday.These strawberry, blueberry, and Greek yogurt popsicles will help you cool down while making a festive and tasty splash at any backyard barbecue.

Christmas isn't the only time for decorative wreaths. With this super easy and enjoyable DIY 4th of July wreath, you can dress up any table. Guests won't know whether to be more impressed with your spread of hot dogs, corn on the cob, and cupcakes, or your intriguing wow worthy centerpiece.

Add a splash of color with this red, white and blue vibrant lip-art look that will be sure add a colorful touch to an already sparkling summer holiday!

Let’s Do it Ourselves for 4th of July! This tutorial gives you easy ways to spice up what you have in your closet. Even I can do it !

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